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What Lies Below (2020)

Horror | SciFi 
Rayting:   4.4/10 3519 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A 16 year old girl returns home from camp and learns that her mother has a new boyfriend, one she intends to marry. A man whose charm, intelligence and beauty make him look like he's not human at all.

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corksniffers 4 April 2021

Coming from someone who loves b-rated horror and usually finds it pretty hilarious, this one is just a whole new level of bad.

Worse - the ending seems like a mistake edited onto someone else's film.

ZERO stars.

nixxx_ns 8 April 2021

Like, really? Someone on that board needs to be fired over this, I don't really know who or how many people but making this movie or getting it incorporated into Netflix selection is a fireable offense! It should have disclaimer next to it that says "watch on your own responsibility"... I've never seen anything like this garbage before and I saw thousands of films... Skip.

gregglc 6 April 2021

Worst movie I have ever seen. Honestly, I am upset I wasted my Monday evening watching. It's not one of those "bad movies" you watch because it's that bad. It's literally a movie you shouldn't watch. Ending was the dumbest thing ever seen. It doesn't make sense.

Jameson1382 11 April 2021

I can honestly say I would rather take a Razor scooter to the shin than ever watch this movie again.

ts-borisova3 13 December 2020

Don't waste your time - it lacks plot and it's gross but not in a scary way

ericalouprobertson 6 February 2021

Idk wtf I just watched, but it was AWFUL! Not sure how it got as many stars as it did. Don't bother!

IzzyMaeDoorite 10 December 2020

"What Lies Below" is a kind of a flick that could end up being a total trash filled with so-bad-it-hurts CGI and nonsense screenplay. You know, like the most of Syfy made-for-TV creature features. But this one doesn't deserve all the rage. Yes, the dialogues are pretty basic and bland but it doesn't kill the creepy vibe going throughout the whole film length. The acting is decent - Ema Horvath is good as an estranged daughter and Mena Suvari finally stars in a horror movie that is not a garbage (although it's still hard to forgive her for "Carrie 2" and "Don't Blink").

The best part of the movie is its visuals and lore. Lovecraft-esque fear of chtonic entities, hypnotic enigmatic lights coming out of nowhere and minimalistic synth soundtrack are making "What Lies Below" a thrilling eye-candy which is pretty much enough for a one-off horror movie. It doesn't reinvent the genre or offers any real plot twist (I mean, we all know John is going to be a bad guy, and Trey Tucker's effective performance convinces us right after we see him) but definitely worth a watch for its atmosphere and its actors that probably did even better that the script could offer them.

Nightflyre9 5 April 2021

You know what? I can take the cheese, I can take the poorly written characters, I can take the atrocious dialogue, I can take the threadbare plot, and I can even take the uniformly bad acting. Heck, some of my favorite movies of all time are early-80s slashers, and they're not known for being great art. My point is I love low-budget, cheesy movies. I'm here for it.

But you know what I'm not here for? A movie that has NO ending. At least in an 80s slasher, you could almost always count on a balls-to-the-walls, over the top ending that could allow you to partially recoup your time investment. In horror, the third act is where your money is. An audience will forgive a lot if you give them a great ending.

In What Lies Below, they apparently forgot to craft ANY ending at all. I could have taken the barely passable first two acts of this movie if the third act had just let it rip. Go insane, go completely and utterly crazy. Go gross out, go icky-sticky, go bloodbath, go off the deep end, jump the shark. But do SOMETHING! Make some kind of statement. A great, ballsy ending would have made it easier to give the rest of this movie a little bit of a break.

Instead, we get the worst possible ending any film can give: the abrupt "non-ending" with no explanation and no resolution, leaving you wondering why you were stupid enough to dispose of 90 minutes of your life for a director and writers who clearly didn't value your time. Or respect their own.

In conclusion, WLB is a mess. Instead of the crappy parts of this movie--and there are many--leading to at least a fun and crazy ending, the crapy parts end up being all there is. What an insulting train wreck. Extremely unsatisfying! There's good cheese and bad cheese in movies. This is rotten cheese. Pass.

betsyhorowitz 7 April 2021

What c***. After we see the shirtless "bad guy" (2 points) there is nothing else to see because nothing else happens. Who, what, why? None of these are answered.

Could have been, was set up to be but by half way through until the end- nothing.

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