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Wild Dog (2021)

Action | Thriller 
Rayting:   6.1/10 1401 votes
Country: India
Language: English

A Dramatic presentation of August 2007 Hyderabad bombings and its investigations told through NIA point of view.

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sujan-28692 22 April 2021

Wild Dog is not new in terms of story, you may have seen this story in many films like Baby, Phantom, also in Family Man. This film also falls under the same genre.

No over the top scenes are there, it fully focused on it's story. Screenplay is very fast and engaging specially in the 2nd half. That's why you'll not get bored while watching.

Some scenes shines very well specially one FOLLOWING scene is there, that is executed exceptionally.

Ashishor Solomon in his debut feature has done a brilliant job. The lead character is not shown in a heroic way. They've tried to show us everything in a very real way. We all know it's a patriotic film but patriotism is not shown by pointing out our eyes, that's another positive thing of this film. It's a very well researched film, so I think you should watch Wild Dog for it's DETAILING.

Available on Netflix.

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sudhareddy-srk 25 April 2021

Very poorly executed movie. Director seems to have researched well, but has failed hugely. Editing has gone haywire. Screenplay is fine, but everything else is wrong. Looks dull, sleepy and Nagarjuna and the whole cast except Sayemi Kher look just out of bed. Nothing is right about their acting, body language, postures or the way they have handled the weapons. Cinematography and music are just ok. Looks the ratings have been manipulated HERE. Nagarjuna disappoints the most. He looks tired, old and sluggish just like his appearances on the promotions for this movie. Three stars only for the right content.

amanrajabali 23 April 2021

Looking at the star cast, I was hopeful for some entertainment but alas... this one turned out to be a major disappointment.

I could barely pull through this one for 40 mins. Phew!!!

Nagarjuna's and Atul Kulkarni's talents are wasted.

And so is my time...Alas!

yashwanthk-28132 23 April 2021

Again the overused story in cinema has been used again..ok-ish screenplay..some scenes were overperfomed and clichéd..nagarjuna has done good....same dialogues in almost every movie can be heard here..some scenes were illogical too.

Pls skip it..you have already heard this story.

thottempudikiranprasad 3 April 2021

A great spy triller attempt from Ahishor Solomon... completely loved the way he handled those motion captures through out the film avoiding all the commercial phrases And a great choice of characterisation by Nagarjuna.. that never compromising attitude which he carries till the end of the film is impeccable That intensifying background score by Thaman added more spice to the film Narration was so quick in 1st half that within few minutes after opening we get into the main plot which leads to the context leaving no space for emotions and basic thriller twists And abruptly screenplay falls dead slow at pre-interval block 2nd half was well executed in comparison to 1st half .. The main context of the film is set here Yet the narration was completely flat with poor screenplay but well managed to escape with that screen time And the attempt to give a twist in the climax was not that high Overall, One-time watchable Could be a nice experience if you're expectations are low.

shankarrao-546 2 May 2021

Lazy acting and terrible dialogues. No pace and sleek in film just like 90s movie

Story - 1.

seenu_crck 25 April 2021

Typical telugu movie. Everything is just too much. Watch it if you have two hours to waste.

chiranjivmalla 2 April 2021

Despite the 2 hr duration, the film is bit slow but it has definitely a good content. No nonsense and no deviations in the plot. Some similarities with Uri & Baby films. Climax is very engaging and amazing action sequences. Overall a decent comeback from Nag after Devadas. We are not good with numbers. Given the low budget involved and apart from Nag, the rest all cast is almost new, so remuneration costs will also be less, and having the pre Netfix deal in hand, we think Wild Dog would end up as a profitable venture.

mayurpanchamia94 23 April 2021

Wild Dog is anything but wild nor a dog which grabs attention fod it's cuteness and deserves respect for it's loyalty.

Those who have watched this movie will agree that this movie has absolutely absolutely nothing to offer, not in terms of story, logic, acting, SONGS, BGM, even the dialogues are the exact copy of every other movie you see.

Annapurna productions have to up their game, a movie by Arjun Kapoor called India's Most Wanted was based on the same story and even that was better than this one.

It's sleezy, lazily made with a one liner and is a no brainer.

First they wanted to release it on Netflix, they producers deferred then they released in cinemas on April, in 22 days they released back on Netflix that's Wild Dog for you.

Even in the remotest part of the world, people start speaking Telugu (full respect to language) but that's seems so unnatural, imagine a MP from Nepal speaking Telugu 🤣.

Just a time waste, better watch any other movie or series with 'Wild' name in it than this one.. For starters try "Wild West Country" with hara bhara kabab or Paneer Manchurian or Threaded Paneer or simple Pakodas fryed to crispy golden brown, gulp it down with Pepsi or Aam panna or lemonade.

yvenkatasaiaravind 2 April 2021

It's not Like a Telugu movie,, It's Like a Hollywood Range Movie,, Telugu Audience Need Understand Concept And See it Like a Different Kind of Film.

dodakshaysingh 4 April 2021

Great hollywood level. Direction , story is epic.

Wild Dog is meant for the unsung heroes who keep their anonymity under wraps and is a just salute for them.

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