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Wild Mountain Thyme (2020)

Rayting:   5.5/10 2504 votes
Country: Ireland | UK
Language: English

A pair of star crossed lovers in Ireland get caught up in their family's land dispute.

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kgrv2000 22 December 2020

I don't get the bad reviews. This movie is one of very few movies that made me laugh and chuckle out loud. It's not your typical rom-com movie, it's quirky, and strange in an adorable way. Although at first I thought this movie could have used younger actors, Blunt and Dornan made it work. The Irish scenery is just spectacular, it's in my bucket list of places to see. Just don't overthink this movie, just enjoy the silliness and quirkiness of the ride. You might want to have closed caption on though (I do with all British movies, or those with Irish, Scottish accents). It's a feel good movie, nuff said. We could all use some these days.

atractiveeyes 11 December 2020

This movie is just weird. In order to enjoy it just don't take it seriously because it doesn't even take itself seriously. The story is ridiculous and cheesy but enjoyable because weirdly the ridiculousness of it is what makes it fun and entertaining. Emily Blunt is awesome and Jamie Dornan is very good. The cinematography is stunning with amazing sceneries of the Irish landscapes, it made me fall in love with the country. Wild Mountain Thyme is a cute funny stupid movie, if you're in the mood for such films then don't miss it out.

matteveland95 15 December 2020

I really enjoyed this. Maybe it was good timing. Unique dialogue that leaves you following closely. Antoni may have been the main character but Rosemary is our protagonist and she is wonderful. A great love story with great supporting characters.

reefygal 19 December 2020

Feels like a fumbled mess, not a good awkward. It was painful to watch such good actors in a dull excruciating film. I was so hopeful, what a disappointment.

ramosmeghan 13 December 2020

Near miss. Beautiful scenery, interesting story line and great actors... they all gave committed performances despite the fact they would have done better with Irish leads for Walker or Blunt's characters. Writing just took a wrong turn somewhere towards the weird and too-bizarre. Just didn't hit it for me unfortunately, could have been excellent.

ewanboland 16 December 2020

Oh my god!!! How the hell did they think Christopher Walkin was a suitable actor to play an Irishman. Don't get me wrong, Christopher Walkin is a brilliant actor but by God what were they thinking with the accent! As a proud Irish person,it puzzles me why they couldn't just pick some of the great Irish actors or at least actors who can do the accent! Plus the fact that it literally makes the biggest stereotypes of Ireland that I have ever seen in a movie, I do NOT recommend this!

nybras-evolution 28 December 2020

This is typical stereotype of Ireland and Irish people. It's absolutely atrocious. Plenty of good and great Irish actors so why Hollywood this up?? The mentality to conjure up this nonsense for the screen for the few that may never visit Ireland and realise that we don't sound like this nor do we have a consistent piece of mud on our face!!

kdrenew 11 December 2020

Beautiful scenery/story which crams a lot into this love story. It moves too quickly though scenes. Watching it a second time I have a greater appreciation of these talented actors.

katienpayton 12 December 2020

A heartwarming romantic comedy that takes place in beautiful Ireland. This movie is star studded with some great actors (Christopher Walken, Jon Hamm, Emily Blunt, and Jamie Dornan). Little dose of meddling parents with a very headstrong hero and heroine and this is romantic gold in my opinion. Several scenes had me chuckling out loud and others had my almost yelling at the hero to get his act together. Over all a great film.

stefan-526-296130 11 December 2020

What an extraordinary movie. But probably I say that because I was raised on a farm and people look strange at me when I talk to animals.

Great performance not only by the two lead actors, also by daddy, Christopher Walken, he was really good.

Gotta see that, blokes, trust me!

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