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Willy's Wonderland (2021)

Action | Horror 
Rayting:   5.5/10 11832 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A quiet drifter is tricked into a janitorial job at the now condemned Willy's Wonderland. The mundane tasks suddenly become an all out fight for survival against wave after wave of demonic animatronics. Fists fly, kicks land, titans clash and only one side will make it out alive.

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bhinesmail 14 February 2021

The movie has no intentions on being anything but what it is. Nic Cage fighting robots for an hour and a half. And it's awesome.

ravencorinncarluk 12 February 2021

I LOVED this movie. Just cheesey and gory and funny and campy and pure enjoyment.

I've watched enough let's plays of Five Nights At Freddy's to have recognized the plot just from the description, so I was expecting Nic Cage to chew on the scenery of gore and jump scares. I would have been fine with something a little lame but with that certain Cage flair.

Instead, I got something surprisingly good. The cinematography was balanced, with little bits of surreal and fun angles, but never so much to become distracting. Good color scheme and lighting, and the creature design really captured that slightly terrifying look of way-back-when Chuck E Cheese.

I enjoyed how the script was full of tropes, but the actors carried it well, and everything came across well. Almost like everyone was having fun, wanted the audience to enjoy themselves, but they took it just serious enough to deliver good performances.

The whole movie is right on that edge of camp and parody, without necessarily being played for laughs like a comedy. Something more like Evil Dead 2 or Kung Fury; love and enjoyment of the genres without mockery.

That being said, this is NOT a horror or even really a thriller. It gets those labels because it needs some kind of genre, but it really fits in its own little niche, and it will NOT be for everyone. But as a popcorn/drinking-with-friends movie, it really hits the spot.

And I cannot understate how much Nic Cage was absolutely himself, dialed to 11. Sold every scene, and stole most of them. All without a single line of dialogue. That really was the cherry on top, and I gave an extra star and a half for his performance.

A_Different_Drummer 12 February 2021

A completely off-the-wall B movie that seems to be a cross between CABIN IN THE WOODS and A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS. With animatronics. Starring what used to be the top A-list actor on the planet. Who seems to have no actual dialog to deliver. And partly paid for by product placement for GM because all the vehicles in it are branded for the camera. There are a number of theories. My personal favorite is that this was actual footage shot by a reality crew following Nic Cage on a typical night out. In other words, this s**t happens to Nic on a regular basis. The other theory is that Nic got tired of being in everyone else's B movies, so he decided to make one of his own. Fun and holds the attention. Like a car accident where the victims get back into their cars and crash all over again. Could easily become a cult classic.

Golden_Hope 28 February 2021

I enjoyed this movie. It was pretty contained and I think used it's script and budget really well together.

This film does seem a lot cheaper than it actually is, I think most of the money was probably spent on Nicholas Cage. I do however think that they used it well and it didn't really need any more spending on it. I think where it shows it most is the other actors. Some feel like they may have actually just found them in the town they shot at. It doesn't detract from the film it just kind of sticks out a little bit.

I think the story is pretty interesting too. It was a little bit different which I appreciated. I think the action was pretty engaging too. I will say at some points the film did sag a little bit and I was like this feels a lot longer than an hour and a half. But for the most part it clipped along.

I do think the comedy let it down a little. Some of the jokes were just awful and not funny. You can tell it is meant to be a comedic beat but I honestly was like "that was a joke?".

I thought the movie looked pretty good for the most part too.

I would give it a watch.

aymenlord 12 February 2021

If you watch movies to actually enjoy your time then go for it, if you are some sick perfectionist (like most of the 1/10 raters here) who's expecting every movie to be of Nolan's plot, actors and script, then this is not a movie for you nor a place for you to downrate such an entertaining product.

Clive_W 15 February 2021

The film is thoroughly enjoyable, it's far from being an amazing film, but take it at what it is, and nic cage doing the cage effect! A good way to kill 90 odd minutes, I did have myself a few chuckles throughout, don't expect a plot or anything haha, just enjoy another great nic cage experience. Get some good popcorn in, and something to drink and enjoy!

Draysan-Jennings 13 February 2021

B-movie horror fans will love this film. It's Nicolas Cage running around slaughtering animatronic puppets. That's literally it. If that's your thing, give it a watch. If not, don't waste your time. 5 stars

jarojas-78750 24 April 2021

Obviously this movies not going to win awards which wasn't its intention. It's an entertaining fun flick with loads of plot holes, things that make you question the characters, and Nic Cage not saying one word. All in all it's worth the 3.99 rental off Prime but I definitely wouldn't put more than that.

ThomDerd 13 February 2021

Strange and crazy idea at the same time, coupled with a "special performance" by Cage. For the fans of Nick Cage this is a treat, he is giving the audience what it needs. If someone remembers the SNL skit "why am i not in that moviee?" then they know that Cage could not have said no to this one. The story is simple: he gets stuck somehow in a random town and agrees to work for a night in Willy's Wonderland. Shortly after he has to fight against an evil bunch of animatronics, while consuming energy drinks and being nick cage. I have to admit that the work on the animatronics was good, sound mixing was good and the fight scenes were ranging from funny to fun. Don't expect to be very (or at all) scared; maybe just creeped out by the animatronics. Obviously, don't take this film seriously. It's campy enough and does a weird tribute to this horror genre and to Nick Cage maybe... But it is definitely entertaining. 6 /10

Dark_Lord_Mark 13 February 2021

Nic Cage is one of the only top list actors who can carry a movie with his pure acting skills.

In Willy's Wonderland, Nic Cage doesn't say one word, yet he is the star and carries this fun, over the top action movie, full of thrills and amazing premise and similar over the top sound track.

Nic Cage is the action hero who ends up saving the town and maybe the world from murderous possessed cyber animatronic robots. Yeah, I actually wrote that and darn proud.

The movie is 10 out of a 10 for fun and similarly, the soundtrack and cinematography was just as top notch.

Movie is worth the watch and highly recommended. Most fun movie since 2021 and poised to be a cult favorite. 10 out of 10!

durh4 12 February 2021

First movie of 2021, I enjoyed. I was clenching my hand's in thrill at the momentum and liked Nic Cage's character.

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