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Wish Dragon (2021)

Animation | Adventure | Comedy
Rayting:   7.2/10 19K votes
Country: China | USA
Language: English
Release date: June 11, 2021

Determined teen Din is longing to reconnect with his childhood best friend when he meets a wish granting dragon who shows him the magic of possibilities.

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debnathchetan 22 July 2021

Forget Raga & last dragon after watching this movie,,,Best movie of this year,feeling good & really enjoyed.

johanna-de-bellio 16 June 2021

Absolutely loved this movie! I hope it gets the attention it deserves!!

daisyisabaker 12 June 2021

A lot of audience members will unfortunately only see this as a "knock-off Aladdin".

But the only similarity is that the story involves a boy who finds a "genie".


I'm so happy that Chinese culture is finally getting mainstream representation.

There's a lot of hidden jokes that "laowais" won't understand, with lots of fun nods towards what you could typically find, whilst roaming through the districts surrounding the Pudong area of Shanghai. There's also Easter Eggs and references to other tales & myths such as the story of King Midas. The main plot point shares a similarity to Boys Over Flowers (amongst many other Korean Dramas too).


Fabulous voice cast, including those attributed to Crazy Rich Asians. Produced by the legendary Jackie Chan! Amazing soundtrack. Beautiful animation.

I wish a very well deserved Congratulations, to all of the cast, crew & supervisors who were involved in this production! I will definitely be watching this again!

atractiveeyes 16 June 2021

Its main idea is taken from Aladdin and his genie so it has nothing original or special to deliver but it's still a very good enjoyable family movie. The story is beautiful, emotional and has a nice important message. The animation is so beautiful and characters are so likable. Wish Dragon is somehow a modern version of Aladdin, that kids and adults would enjoy.

Movi3DO 13 June 2021

Aladdin has come to China, sort of.

Based on its own folk tale that is similar to Aladdin, a young man trying to reconnect with his childhood friend acquired a cup that spawned a dragon that could grant him 3 wishes.

Even though the premise sounded like an Aladdin copycat, the style and tone were completely different from the classic Arabian tale. The best aspect was the humor, which came mostly from the dragon, voiced by John Cho, experiencing the modern world. For the first half, I was laughing at the silly moments. The jokes weren't fancy or elaborated, but I'm a simple man, so goofy jokes were enough to get my facial muscles going.

The animation was pretty typical like the modern Disney animations. The dragon was fluffy and pink, which looked goofy.

The relationship between our main boy, Din, and the wish dragon was also another fun part. Again they were goofy and annoyed each other, which provided more funny jokes.

The weakest part was the story, which followed many tropes of a Disney-like animated movies. The theme follows a common yet valuable lesson that money can't buy happiness, and that people should cherish those around them. I did like the theme, but I didn't feel a lot of impact because of the predictable storyline and the theme itself, which was told a hundred of times before (but it's still important and relevant).

Overall, a simple, enjoyable, and funny story despite the predictable story and theme. 7/10.

alicefontana-97432 25 June 2021

I loved this movie! Everything is so real!

If you've ever been to China and Shanghai you can see that city, those people, that food... even the ads were the copy of real ones! I think Din is actually wearing Feiyue (a popular shoes' brand in China).

Plus, the story is amazing. For me, it's not a copy of Aladdin. It has some important lessons to teach about the inequalities among rich people and poor people. It shows the importance of friendship and family. It's the picture of modern China but has something to tell to Western countries too.

Needs to be seen: 10/10!

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