Wolf Poster

Wolf (2021)

Drama | Mystery | Thriller
Rayting:   4.2/10 211 votes
Language: English
Release date: December 3, 2021

A high concept arthouse drama about a boy who believes he is a wolf.

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User Reviews

Crilla_1988 4 October 2021

This movie might be even worse than the Twilight saga and that's impressive.

hi-44665 19 September 2021

Super, and incredibly thought provoking. Shot and directed superbly with a great subtly in the obvious, which shows great skill of craft. Very few films so acutely grasp the concept of identity and the need not just for survival but survival within in our own skin. The contrast between the two main characters, who are played superbly, shows the fragility of 'knowing who we are' and that even under medical evaluation of ourselves, and coming to a conclusion that might even ostracise us from the larger populous we still might not even then be who we think we are...throughout the film questions are rife; does it take force to find oneself or lose oneself? Do we break free the chains of human conditioning and truly know who we are or do we accept we should nay must change to conform. Perhaps most interesting; when confronted by another with such similarities to ones own character; to the point of lust/love (in this case) is this where we only truly understand ourselves; in the mirror that reflects another? In the glass worth looking through? The film does not answer but ask; Do we understand in the end; the need to be fixed or a knowledge we are faulty, or are we so aware of our true identity that there is nothing to be fixed and we must have the courage or lack of it to accept who we are; we all ultimately face the world alone but it takes huge acceptance of oneself to face the wild alone...

barverat 8 October 2021

AWFUL, George Mackay, please refrain yourself from trying to do this fake method crap, you are clearly not cut for it.

You are definitely NOT the next Daniel Day-Lewis, or Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joaquin Phoenix, or Adam Driver!!

Grow up, and deal with it.

skypilot-37323 3 October 2021

This is a complete ripoff of the movie 'Like Dogs.' I don't understand how film companies think they can get away with this, especially when the two movies are released in the same year.

tashburton-08964 2 October 2021

What a joke that this film wants to be taken seriously. Do yourself a favor & skip it.

NixSar 4 October 2021

It's like a joke wrapped in a film, wrapped in bewilderingly bad acting, wrapped in a terrible story - all wrapped into utter boredom.

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