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Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)

Action | Fantasy 
Rayting:   5.4/10 168796 votes
Country: USA | UK
Language: English

Diana must contend with a work colleague and businessman, whose desire for extreme wealth sends the world down a path of destruction, after an ancient artifact that grants wishes goes missing.

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the_real_smile 1 January 2021

Writer, producer and director Patty Jenkins really did a give this movie a feminine/soap opera touch and by doing so destroyed everything that this movie could have been. The first WW movie was not that great, but Patty did not write that one, this sequel she did and it is worthless. I was wondering if I was watching a drama or a action hero franchise. First the movie is far to long, the dialogue's are pointless and boring, you can skip with ease them because the story is not that complicated. For the action, the effects are good, not worth the time to watch, but still well made, but there are not very much action scenes. If you look at the demographic of the votes you can see girls <18 years are the only ones who love this movie, and that should have been the warning that should have been given with this movie: only see this movie if you are a teenage girl.

hugomercante 31 December 2020

The script is awful, the performances are cringe to watch, and the dialogues are very cheap, It´s like a parody but not funny. Don't waste your time and money on this..

jkling-1 28 December 2020

The first WW was Fantastic. This is the polar opposite. Trite, predictable and an unintentional parody of a hero franchise.

How can they green-light $200 MILLION DOLLARS without the oversight to prevent such a disaster?! The screen play and concept are AWFUL!

If you insist on watching this garbage, just make sure that you wait until it is free on some streaming service, etc.

It gets 2 stars only as Gal Gadot tried very hard to do her job correctly, in spite of infinite hurdles of the screenplay and direction.

PATTY HOW COULD YOU?! This literally ruined the franchise!

steventonge 27 December 2020

Why is Warner Brothers hell bent on destroying a potential gold mine, that is the DC franchise. I thought they had finally sorted it with WW and Aquaman. But no, normality resumes. This movie was terrible at everything. Story, dialogue, acting, cgi. Just sell the franchise to another studio and give us DC fans a break

Mwepad 27 December 2020

One of the worst superhero films out there. Made no sense. The plot was shambles and the acting shambles as well.

stevebarley 19 December 2020

The 1st WW film was absolutely brilliant and had more ticks than a farmer's dog in my book. WW84 is, which truly saddens and maddens me, the polar opposite. It has a script so weak it should be classed as highly vulnerable, a plot that has more holes than my kitchen colander, and characters about as believable as a career politician. I did love the opening island scene where the girl actress playing the young Diana was superb, and apparently did all her non-cgi stunts. But then it went downhill faster than an illiterate skier passing a 'Warning - cliff ahead' sign. I won't go into detail over WW84s failings as I have a bus to catch...in a week, but I think I can reveal my favourite, jaw-dropping line from the film without it being a spoiler...

'... I want to be an apex predator!'

It certainly made me growl.

zeki-4 2 January 2021

The first one was fun and well played out. This sequel is a total misfire. Not because it follows the trend of having women being the alpha characters and portraying men as either weak or stupid, but simply because it's a lazy effort. Except a couple of scenes, and hilarious over-the-top acting by Pedro Pascal, I found nothing here. It has "straight-to-DVD" written all over it.

sduncan15 28 December 2020

I have low expectations for DC movies. Some have delightfully surprised me. This falls flat on its face after 15-20 mins and never gets up...or even TRIES!! It felt rushed through production (definitely not in watch speed...). It was boring when their wasn't action and when the action started it was so fake it was distracting. Gadot and Pascal try and maybe have moments that don't suck. Wiig was...well exactly how you would expect her in an action film as a villain.

To say the movie is disappointing is an understatement which is sad considering I had zero expectations going into it. Glad it was streaming so I didn't have to waste money on a movie ticket.

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