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Work It (2020)

Rayting:   6.1/10
Country: USA
Language: English

When Quinn Ackerman's admission to the college of her dreams depends on her performance at a dance competition, she forms a ragtag group of dancers to take on the best squad in she just needs to learn how to dance.

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jessicaashleybryan 8 August 2020

Movie overall is a cute, easy watch. It would be nice if one of these "dance" movies about what high school/college competitions are like were anywhere near accurate. Where are the coaches, where are the actual jazz/lyrical choreographed routines and the months it takes to get them down? Not just some pretend booty shaking to Top 40 music.

athunderstorm 13 August 2020

I love dance movies, but this one didn't do it for me.

The dancing and the acting was so vacuous, it left me feeling empty inside. You didn't get to know the characters at all, it was just the lead's voice over explaining it to you, like the director really didn't trust you to understand any subtext.

Shallow and generic, but good if you want something cheesy to talk over. :)

tmurphyworkemail 9 August 2020

People that rated this 10/10 are absolutely delusional. This movie is garbage. Like, literally should be put into a trashcan. What a waste of money and resources.

dalba25 7 August 2020

This movie is a portfolio of clicheys. An average plot and characters that you've seen in countless other movies of the sort. The script is poor. In my opinion the female lead comes annoying. Often i had to skip, it got boring.

haydenluz 9 August 2020

Just another 2020 dance film, with Disney Channel stars trying to be real film actors.

The premise has been used and abused so many times, being utterly predictable, while this film did absolutely nothing to set itself apart from the rest.

The only positives the film has, is the choreography, and some of the gags; other than that, this is another pass!

keithleyland 8 August 2020

This film has been done many times before and always much better! The acting was terrible, the music was terrible and the dancing truly awful Do yourself a favour and give it a hard pass...

Giselle1710 10 August 2020

I don't agree with all the mega comment here. I agree it's a very typical movie with predict ending but I liked it. Could have been worse! It made me want to dance even though I can't dance at all and absolutely loved Jordan Fisher! He's superb

moumindaherabtidon 7 August 2020

The story follows a 'perfect' three-act structure and is filled with movie tropes. Unoriginal and lacking in creativity.

BUT, nevertheless, I liked it fine. If you're looking for a movie that plays in the background of your sleepover night, something light and hearty, then you might like it too.

CrazyCockatoo2003 8 August 2020

Work It is a film inspired by the likes of the Step Up franchise. I haven't really got much to say for the description this time around, so I shall now get straight into the review.

What I liked about this movie was its excellent use of special effects, the narrating is great, the opening scene is interesting, the acting is good, most of the choreography is great, the main protagonist is very inspiring and likable, the plot is interesting despite it being predictable, the characters are passable at the very least, it is very relatable, there are some funny moments, the music played later on in the movie is better, the main story and filler content are balanced very well, thankfully there is no Tones and I music or TikTok dances(debatable) in the movie and the ending is this movie's saving grace.

However, I dislike the fact that the story is VERY predictable, the movie constantly attempts to be hip with the youth every couple of minutes, the Fortnite dances are not only unnecessary, there is also a large amount of them, a lot of the music is generic(some of it being VERY recent), they included the infamous cheering sound effect for no reason, few of the characters come across as unlikable and there is a lot of product placement especially for Apple.

Overall I was actually quite surprised about this movie. At first I thought this movie was going to be mediocre but I actually liked it in the end thanks to the ending. If dancing is your thing, you should check this movie out.

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